Arbitration / Mediation

When there is a real need for urgency or the dispute is simple and can be confined to a single issue, Bangkok Legal Law can provide arbitrators/ mediators who will hear a dispute as soon as the parties are ready to be heard. Such arbitrations/ mediations may be heard, where necessary, within a matter of days with the minimum of preliminary formalities.

The arbitrator/ mediator will be selected, in consultation with the parties, for immediate availability as well as suitable expertise. Any preliminary directions for Fast Track Arbitrations/ Mediations will normally be given by telephone. The parties will be expected to respond quickly to any step that is required by the Arbitrator/ Mediator. It may be helpful for this purpose, if the parties are represented by lawyers.

Bangkok Legal Law have close links with a leading specialists in arbitration chambers as well as to major arbitral institutions such as the ICC, LCIA, CIETAC, AAA, HKIAC and SIAC and we are well versed in their arbitration rules. Bangkok Legal are also fully accustomed to working with local lawyers, consultants and experts in different languages and jurisdictions.

We believe that Mediation/ Arbitration is the preferred solution to many problems and is particularly appropriate for small to medium sized disputes where the sum in dispute is less than $10,000 or 700,000 THB. Typical disputes include landlord and tenant disputes, commercial disputes, sale of goods disputes; and employment disputes.