Bangkok Business & Corporate Lawyers

Bangkok Legal provides committed Business & Corporate Law services to investors interested in setting up a business in Thailand, or are currently operating a business within Thailand. Our business and corporate lawyers are experienced with all aspects of business including company formation, company registration, visas & work permits, intellectual property rights, business contracts, and corporate accounting and tax management.

Prior to setting up a business in Thailand, or investing in any business opportunities, it is imperative that investors seek informed counsel to ensure that proposed business plans and investments conform to Thai laws. Additionally, the political and market conditions are in a constant state of flux, which requires additional efforts to protect any Thai investment.

Work permits in Thailand an extremely important due to the fact that working without a proper work permit is a serious crime. Clients needing advice and a legal team with the knowledge and experience to help in obtaining a work permit come to us. We know the process extremely well and work closely with government officials to obtain work permits for our clients quickly.

Thailand Company Formation & Registration

Thailand’s economic growth can be attributed to both an efficient workforce and a considerable amount of support from the Thai government. If you are interested in starting a business in Thailand, it would be wise to work with a qualified lawyer to ensure all the legalities of owning and operating a business in Thailand are properly addressed.

Our company formation services are comprehensive and all-inclusive;

  • Market Research and Feasibility Analysis
  • Company Registration
  • Obtaining Business Visas & Work Permits
  • Property Lease & Purchase Agreements

Thailand Accounting Services

Bangkok Legal can keep your company updated with a calendar of Thai government requirements and regulation updates from regulatory ministries such as:

  • Department of Business Development
  • Revenue/Tax Ministry
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Consumer Affairs

Our account managers and lawyers provide protection for our clients from the common pitfalls of doing business in Thailand. We monitor business growth and provide advise on new expansion opportunities by thoroughly researching all individuals that your business may interact with. This process allows us to ensure that you avoid individuals that have a history of:

  • Unsound business practices.
  • Criminal activities.
  • Misunderstanding of Thai government procedures.

Before signing any new business agreement or contract, ensure that your investment is protected by having a thorough review of your position and goals performed.

Debt Collection in Thailand
Debt collection is a necessary part of business and sometimes required in clients personal lives. No matter what side of a debt dispute you find yourself on our law firm has extensive experience in both prosecuting debt offenders and defending our clients against debt claims. Our lawyers have a keen knowledge in civil law and its proceedings. We will vigorously go after debt claims and know our clients need a law firm that will go the extra mile to finalize a dept claim.

Licensing in Thailand
Meeting licensing requirements and submitting a winning application can mean the difference between being in business or out of business. Our firm specializes in obtaining licensing for all types of businesses including but not limited to: including warehouses, factories, schools, restaurants, hotels etc.

Offshore Companies and Accounts
Offshore companies based out of Thailand a very popular with investors and have tax advantages for foreign investment. We diligently look for all advantages while we set up corporations of all types including offshore for our clients. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in offshore corporations and accounts to share with our clients seeking offshore status for their business ventures.

Contract laws and issues can be very particular as well as costly to those without proper protection and guidance. Creating a contract to solidly protect our client’s interests is a big part of our service to individuals and businesses. Our vast experience in this area of the law gives our clients security and assurances that they are effectively represented.

Contracts of all kinds in Thailand have to be authored and meticulously revised to ultimately protect a client’s interests. We have a long history with creating contracts in Thailand. We understand the language barrier for many foreigners in Thailand causes them to enter into a contract that is not to their best advantage. Our lawyers know contract law and have years of experience protecting our clients rights through contracts giving them the best possible advantages.

Commercial Contracts
Commercial contracts are an ongoing part of business transactions and every client needs their interests protected and every possible advantage negotiated into a commercial contract. We have a long history in commercial contracts in many industries for domestic and international transactions. Our clients demand the best advantages and protections in their commercial contracts and we deliver our expert advice throughout the process of creating and implementing commercial contracts.

Management Contracts
Management contracts are a vital tool for business owners and investors to control their interests. Thailand has many industries and management contracts for hotels, manufactures, retail stores and more are common but need to be orchestrated by professionals with expert knowledge in business law. Our lawyers possess immense experience and knowledge in management contacts for all industries.