Business Consulting

Bangkok Legal offer the full breadth of skills, from business strategy consulting through to implementation, serving as the one accountable business partner clients can trust to help them realize their business vision.

Our business lawyers and business consultants in Thailand have strong connections with many of the major players in the region, that allows us leverage the best that each organization has to offer for the benefit of the client. Our Mission is to establish:

1. Long Term Client Relationships
Our law firm in Thailand establish long-term relationships by becoming trusted business partners and participates in the business of our clients.

2. A Service Culture
Our business lawyers and business consultants take the necessary actions to achieve a new standard of excellence in innovation and quality project delivery.

3. Thought Leadership
Our business lawyers and business consultants value thought leadership at all levels because we drive our business by example, focus on the future, and add value to everything we do.

4. State of the Art People Development
Our business lawyers and business consultants create a professional development environment focused on client-facing capabilities and forward thinking coaching and mentoring.

The Business Climate in Thailand
Two features make business in Thailand somewhat difficult fo the expatriate company: first of all, unlike such countries as Singapore and India, English is not an official language, and at the lower levels of Thai officialdom, is somewhat poorly understood. Most official documents are available only in the Thai language, and all company returns have to be presented in the Thai language. This means that the expatriate executuve depends very much on the expertise, experience and honesty of his local Thai bookkeepers and Accountants.

The second feature that is somewhat difficult for expatriate companies, is that though the Generally Accepted Accountancy Practices (GAAP) in Thailand bear similarities to Accountancy Practices in the English Speaking world, they do have their differences. Such differences need to be understood.