Family Law & Divorce in Thailand

Personal & Family Law issues are oftentimes among the most impacting events that occur during one’s lifetime. The decisions made when addressing these issues can have long standing effects that determine the course of the future for those involved. At Bangkok Legal, we understand the sensitivity of these decisions and offer quality counsel that will provide the advice you need in order to secure both your and your family’s future.

Our lawyers and expert advisors are experienced in dealing with the unique personal & family legal situations that are commonplace in Thailand. When choosing to work with a Thailand personal & family lawyer, you will find that our goal is to ensure that the best outcome is reached, resulting in a positive future for all parties involved. We understand that personal and family legal matters can be stressful and it is our goal to help you through them with as little stress as possible.

No other type of business or personal litigation comes close to the intensity of divorce. There is nothing worst or more vicious. The family court system of divorce is inherently adversarial. The culture and traditions of Thailand have had a unique impact on the creation of the existing divorce laws. Our lawyers are experienced with the Thailand divorce process and its particular blend of legal circumstances. Our firm is specifically oriented to the representation of foreigners living in Thailand. We provide our clients with vigorous and dedicated representation.

Divorce is very intense. No other type of business or personal litigation comes close to the intensity. There is nothing worse or more vicious. It’s war. Common sense and fairness are lost when passions are running high, especially when children are involved.

Acrimonious and contentious family law issues require a dedicated lawyer who will fight hard for you and understand your emotional involvement. During your divorce the most important person in your life is your attorney.

You can lose your assets like your home, car and cash, you may be required to pay spousal support for an indefinite period of time and you may lose daily access to your children.

With so much at stake you need to have trust and confidence in legal counsel who will provide you with aggressive representation.

In 90% of our divorce cases we employ private investigators. More often than not the information obtained through our investigations has a substantial impact on the final outcome of the case. In cases where one side has utilized the services of a private investigator and the other side hasn’t, the side employing the investigator almost always prevails.

Child Custody in Thailand

Child custody cases in any country are very sensitive and vitally important to caring, committed and loving parents. Thai laws regarding child custody can be complicated, and appear unfair. Our lawyers are extremely experienced in Thai divorce and custody matters. We dedicate ourselves to obtaining the best outcome for our clients.

Marriage in Thailand

When you legally marry the government is involved in your relationship and if you divorce the government will decide your financial future and where your children will live. Marriage Law is unique in Thailand and marriages bring up the need for important legal services that should not be taken lightly. Before you get married all necessary issues need to be in order to mitigate potential problems. Our firm offers an expedited marriage registration service when accompanied with other services of our firm, for example: prenuptial agreements and visas. We have dedicated lawyers with many years of experience in assisting clients with marriage issues before and after the wedding.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are the best way for both parties in a marriage to protect themselves from issues and complications that can arise down the road in a marriage. We have many years of experience and countless satisfied clients who have entered into prenuptial agreements before their wedding day. More on Prenuptial Agreements:

Adoption in Thailand

The adoption process is a myriad of paperwork, procedures and liability for those entering into the difficult venture. The legal issues in an adoption are far reaching and should not be taken lightly. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients as well as making their dreams come true with a successful adoption. We have lawyers who specialize in the adoption process and are ready to represent you through all the stages of your successful adoption. Please keep in mind that non-orphan adoptions are very time consuming and all adoptions are expensive. Our firm only represents committed and loving parents.

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