Intellectual Property Disputes in Thailand

Enforcement of Intellectual Property laws is vitally important to protect your hard work, investment, time, energy, and creativity. We work closely with the Department of Intellectual Property, The Royal Thai Police Economic Crime Investigation Division, Customs Department, Department of Special Investigation, Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, etc. We protect our clients Intellectual Property by working with the Thai Government to bring criminal and civil actions against those who violate the law.

Intellectual Property is categorized in two categories, Industrial Property and Copy Write. Industrial Property covers trade secrets, business plans, trademarks, patents, inventions, industrial designs and much more. Copy Write covers all kinds of written works, art, films, music, architectural designs and much more. No matter what you have created, invented or worked hard to produce, it is your property, it has value and can be bought, sold or traded like any other commodity. It is your property and it is a crime when it is stolen from you.

Proper protection and prosecution of offenders is only part of the Intellectual Property service we offer. Once you have created your commodity and want to sell or produce it Thailand Law Center will guide you throughout the selling of your idea by providing contracts and agreements designed to protect you and your Intellectual Property. If you decide to enter a joint venture or license your product out to a manufacturer you need contracts that are far reaching and conclusive to protect you property.


Enforcement of the loss of your copyrights, property and money is a top priority with our law firm. We aggressively go after violators of our client’s copyrights. Our team of experienced lawyers, former police officers, investigators, and our IT team is why major US corporations retain our firm.


Proper copyright protection is essential for guaranteeing your rights of ownership for what you have created. Once you have spent time and money creating intellectually property it must be protected so that in the future you have the right to collect your share of profits generated by your hard work.

Our attorneys have advanced knowledge and experience in the protection of our client’s copyrights. Domestic and International protection is vital in this electronic age when business plans, designs, writings and other intellectual property can be emailed to a foreign country instantly. The issues of domestic and International laws, copyright protection procedures and potential litigation for violators of our client’s rights are all part of our intellectual property law services.


Trademarks are a distinctive part of intellectual property rights and protect a wide range of creative designs, writings and symbols. Protecting our clients trademarks as well as leading the way through the forms and procedures for obtaining the correct protection for all intellectual properties is a part of the law we have a lengthy history in. We can assist you in evaluating the correct type of protection for your creative works as well as prosecute any violators of your trademarks or other intellectual property.


Patents are a vital part for inventors and investors to secure their hard work and investments. The patent process as well as joint ventures, manufacturing licensing and distribution contracts all need to be properly secured to protect your inventions and efforts. Our lawyers understand and competently guide our clients through these various stages of creation, patents, manufacturing and distribution.

Product Liability

Product liability protection is vital to businesses and an area of the law that requires keen experience and aggressive actions when necessary. Proper protection for our clients in any industry is the utmost importance to our law firm. Our clients require a protective methodology that crosses domestic and international laws.


Licensing is an important business tool that clients in any industry can use to secure the best possible advantage to successfully control their interests. Our lawyers have decades of experience and superior knowledge in all areas of licensing.

Trade Secret

Trade secrets are the result of your hard work and protecting them is the best guarantee for your businesses future growth. The law offers many ways to protect your trade secrets and business plans and you need a law firm with the knowledge and foresight to properly protect your valuable trade secrets.

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