White Collar Crime in Thailand

White collar crime is a serious issue that has many particular features due to contracts, employment and identity. We vigorously defend clients accused of these type crimes and have a proven track record in this area of the law. If you are the victim of a white collar crime our lawyers will seek restitution and prosecution of anyone who has committed a crime against you. This area of the law is one of our specialties and we invite you to consult with us on your particular case. Victor & Wright Litigation Partnership is dedicated to representing foreigners living in Thailand who have been accused of crimes and are looking for superior defense and vindication.


Fraud crimes are becoming more frequent in business and personal lives. We have a vast knowledge in this area of the law with experience on both sides by helping prosecute those who have committed fraud against our clients as well as defended individuals accused of fraud. Our lawyers are dedicated to the best possible resolution in these matters and are ready to discuss your particular case.


Embezzlement is a type of fraud usually committed by employees. These crimes can have very severe conciseness to those accused of it, as well as its victims. Our law firm specializes in all types of Embezzlement, Fraud and White Collar Crimes. We have defended many clients accused of these crimes and as well have prosecuted those who have committed Embezzlement against our clients interests.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is being aggressively prosecuted world wide by governments looking for tax revenues. This crime can have serious results for those accused of it and our clients are vigorously defended with all possible protections put in place to protect their assets and freedom.

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