Bangkok Legal Your Thailand Lawyers

The quality of a law firm is seen in its professionalism, experience, intellect and track record.

Our policy is to employ attorneys who possess a superior intellect and perform at a higher level. The purpose of which is to deliver the best service and insure solid protection for our clients in all legal matters.

As a result, Bangkok Legal has become the first choice of foreigners needing legal assistance in Thailand.

We are based in Bangkok, with a representative office in Pattaya, serving clients living in all areas of Thailand.

Thailand Legal Services Lawyers Each of our lawyers has an area of specialization, and practices solely in that particular area of the law.

Having a sole area of practice ensures that each lawyer is an expert in a specialized area of the law. In addition, relationships are more easily established with government officials when a lawyer works daily in a specific area of the law. It is because of these relationships that we are able to complete assignments with relative ease and in shorter periods of time.

We strongly believe that only the best work can be done when an attorney is entirely devoted to one specific area of the law.

With foreigner advisers (under Thai law, foreigner lawyers are prohibited from referring to themselves as lawyers as this is one of 39 professions closed to foreigners) and English speaking Thai attorneys, our firm has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of English speaking foreigners living in Thailand: Americans, Canadians, Brits, Kiwis, and Australians as well as English speaking clients from all over the world who are living or doing business in Thailand.

Our firm is designed to be the conclusive entity for protecting foreign clients and their business interest in Thailand.

Our Thai attorneys are expert English speakers and this gives our clients added protection and peace of mind in communicating important concepts.

Doing business in Thailand can be challenging and proper communication is vital in legal matters. To properly fulfill complex processes and requirements, a law firm based in Thailand must eliminate any possibility of miscommunication. Our firm has been created to eradicate the common misunderstandings that Thai attorneys “who speak good English” frequently have.

At Bangkok Legal we understand you prefer to speak to a native English speaker and our foreigner advisers work in partnership with our Thai attorneys to create the perfect mix of experience, proper communication and specialized expertise that is vital to expedite your case. We encourage you to contact us for a consultation and we will address your particular legal needs with the utmost skill and attention.