Thailand Business Law & Contracts

Commercial Business & Contracts
Starting a company in Thailand is only the beginning of a long road to having a thriving business. When it comes to negotiating contracts you must have complete control of the situation and a law firm not only experienced but clever enough to see opportunities that will greatly enhance their client’s business plan.

Bangkok Legal is fully committed to all aspects of Commercial Business to make sure our clients have every advantage possible. We routinely negotiate Commercial contracts, Joint ventures, Distribution & Franchise agreements, Licensing agreements, Management contracts and more. We can also help clients with offshore companies, dept collections, employment disputes and licensing of factories, warehouses, schools, restaurants and every other aspect of Commercial Business Law.

Contract laws and issues can be very particular as well as costly to those without proper protection and guidance. Creating a contract to solidly protect our client’s interests is a big part of our service to individuals and businesses. Our vast experience in this area of the law gives our clients security and assurances that they are effectively represented.

Contracts of all kinds in Thailand have to be authored and meticulously revised to ultimately protect a client’s interests. We have a long history with creating contracts in Thailand. We understand the language barrier for many foreigners in Thailand causes them to enter into a contract that is not to their best advantage. Our lawyers know contract law and have years of experience protecting our clients rights through contracts giving them the best possible advantages.

Commercial Contracts
Commercial contracts are an ongoing part of business transactions and every client needs their interests protected and every possible advantage negotiated into a commercial contract. We have a long history in commercial contracts in many industries for domestic and international transactions. Our clients demand the best advantages and protections in their commercial contracts and we deliver our expert advice throughout the process of creating and implementing commercial contracts.

Management Contracts
Management contracts are a vital tool for business owners and investors to control their interests. Thailand has many industries and management contracts for hotels, manufactures, retail stores and more are common but need to be orchestrated by professionals with expert knowledge in business law. Our lawyers possess immense experience and knowledge in management contacts for all industries.

Joint Ventures
Joint ventures are a key way investors create growth in business and the most important aspect of a joint venture is the contractual agreements between all parties. Investors require the best possible advantages in any contract and our law firm has built a long reputation on providing expert knowledge and skillful authoring of contracts that protect our client’s interests.

Licensing Agreements
Licensing agreements encompass many industries and can have a very diverse set of variants and stipulations. Our firm understands the complexity of licensing agreements and their importance in all industries. Our clients have the added security in negotiating the best possible advantages in any licensing agreement. The we see the most positive long term results with licensing agreements that create a win, win situation for all parties to the agreement.

Distribution Agreements
Distribution agreements are an essential part of manufacturing and distributing goods worldwide. Business owners and investors need the best law firm in their corner through the process of creating their distribution agreements. Our law firm has expert lawyers in the field of distribution agreements and a long history of real world experience. The domestic and International aspects of today’s distribution system are complex and clients need a law firm dedicated to their interest with a far reaching insight in all aspects of distribution.

Franchise Agreements
Franchise agreements are the heart of the franchise industry that is designed to sell goods and service worldwide. Clients need far reaching franchise agreements designed to skillfully protect their interests worldwide and through many future transactions. We have lawyers expertly experienced in franchise law, contract drafting, license agreements and all other areas of International franchises. Franchise agreements is another area where creating a win, win agreement for all parties involved produces the best long term results.

Foreign Business License
Some industries are completely banned to foreigners doing business in Thailand. Other industries have restricted limits to foreign investors but do allow Thai companies with foreign partial ownership to conduct business in Thailand. The Foreign Business License is an opportunity for a foreigner to be able to control and conduct business in restricted industries.

The application process for a Foreign Business License is very lengthy and complicated. Once completed and approved by the Thai government it will open many doors that are usually closed to foreign investors. We have extensive experience in this process and can advise clients on the best possible direction for their business interests and obtaining their Foreign Business License.

Representative Office
A Representative Office in Thailand is used for no income generation activities for parent companies overseas. Companies set up Representative Offices in Thailand to monitor quality of goods, promotions, research and other beneficial but non commercial activities. These companies are routinely created by our business lawyers for larger companies to help with the flow of goods and services out of Thailand.