Thai BOI Company Set-Up Process

When it comes to expanding your business operations in Thailand, understanding the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) company set-up process is imperative. The BOI is a government agency responsible for promoting investment in Thailand. It provides incentives to both local and foreign investors who wish to set up operations in various targeted industries. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the key steps involved in setting up a BOI company in Thailand.

BOI Registration

BOI registration offers a plethora of benefits to businesses aiming to establish their footing in Thailand. Apart from tax incentives, there are privileges like ownership of land, permission to bring in foreign nationals for work, and exemptions from certain import duties.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Thai BOI Company Set-Up Process

Pre-Investment Counselling:

The first step involves consultation with the BOI’s Investment Service Center (ISC). Here, potential investors gain insights into the benefits, criteria, and conditions associated with BOI privileges.

Project Proposal Submission:

Investors are required to submit a detailed project proposal to the BOI, highlighting the nature of their business, objectives, financial projections, and other relevant details.

Review and Evaluation:

Post submission, the BOI reviews the project proposal, assessing its feasibility, alignment with national policies, and potential benefits to the Thai economy.

Interview and Presentation:

Investors might be invited for an interview, during which they present their proposal to the BOI officials for a deeper understanding.

Approval or Rejection:

Based on the thorough assessment, the BOI will either approve or reject the project proposal. If approved, a promotion certificate is issued, entailing the privileges and conditions set by the BOI.

Implementation and Reporting:

Upon receiving the promotion certificate, the business needs to implement the project as proposed. It is crucial to adhere to the conditions stated by the BOI. Additionally, periodic progress reports must be submitted to the BOI.

Enjoying the BOI Privileges:

After successful set-up, the company can now leverage the incentives provided by the BOI, which could range from tax holidays to exemptions from import duties.

Common Challenges and Solutions in the BOI Company Set-Up Process

Setting up a BOI company, while lucrative, is not devoid of challenges. Some common issues include:

Complex documentation: Ensure you are well-prepared with all necessary documents, following the BOI’s guidelines to the tee.

Understanding legal nuances: Engage with a local legal firm to navigate the intricacies of Thai business law.

Meeting BOI criteria: Continuously assess your business plans to align with the BOI’s evolving criteria and industry targets.

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